Waterparks have grown in popularity since the first one opened in the 1960s. Now, nearly 85 million people flood waterparks each year. So, whether it is floating down a lazy river or flying down super slides, it is crucial to pack all the necessary items you’ll need to make your day at Geyser Falls Water Park go as smoothly as possible whether you are coming from Jackson or Tuscaloosa.


When starting your waterpark packing list, a water-proof bag, or a bag you wouldn’t mind getting wet should always be number one, but what goes into your waterpark bag, is what’s really important to making your day a breeze.


  • Towels – Make sure you have enough for the whole family and even an extra for any accidents, or incidents
  • Sunscreen – A higher SPF for younger kids or adults that burn a little too quickly
  • Sunglasses – A pair that you wouldn’t mind getting broken or lost for those extra sunny days
  • Flip Flops/Water Shoes – Having a pair of water safe shoes can save your feet from hot concrete while waiting in water slide lines
  • Dry Clothes – It’s always a good idea to bring or wear a set of comfortable clothes for the ride back home from the waterpark or to the restaurant when the day is over


While most people remember to pack the super essentials like swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen, there are some items that most people forget that really make a difference when planning the next waterpark day trip:


  • Swimsuit Coverup – A coverup could really make a difference when taking a lunch, or bathroom break in between rides in the lazy river or water slides
  • Sunglasses Strap – An excellent way to keep your sunglasses from getting lost or broken on those thrilling water slides
  • Ear Plugs – For kids or adults who are prone to swimmer’s ear, this is a great way to keep water out, and the excitement going
  • Underwater Camera – A great way to take fun and memorable family photos under the water, or near splash zones

Packing for Children

If you have smaller children and plan on bringing them to enjoy waterpark fun, don’t forget to pack a special bag just for them, with things like:


  • Swim Diapers – These are good for smaller children still learning to potty train, but also love to enjoy the wave pool
  • Goggles – For bigger kids that enjoy underwater adventures
  • Life Vest – Can keep the little ones that are curious or not quite ready to swim on their own yet, nice and safe


When packing and planning for a day at the waterpark, always remember to go online or call ahead to get the list of things that you cannot bring into the park. While most parks do not allow you to bring your own food or drinks, most have snack and water stands, while some even have restaurants in the park. And most importantly, don’t forget that most waterparks offer lockers to rent where you can keep your bag, towels, change of clothes, and cellphones, locked away and safe during your waterpark adventure!