Waterpark Cheat Sheet

Geyser Falls is one of the most exciting water parks in all of Mississippi. For the many visitors we receive every year, its important to recognize the many safety tips so everyone can continue having a good time. From dressing correctly, to following pool rules and everything in between, people of all ages can get the most out of our many pools, slides, and splash zones.

Bring the Best Gear for the Day

Like any day outdoors, dressing appropriately is going to ensure your comfort and safety for your entire visit. Make sure you are in lightweight, swim appropriate attire such as swimming suits, rashguards, or breathable neoprene. Such clothing can protect you from sunburns and possible abrasions while in the pool areas. For those breaks in between playtime, consider a loose t-shirt and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Many families will plan their entire day around visiting the park, which makes for a lot of time in the sun. Bring your sunscreen, and make sure to reapply often or after you exit the water. Keep in mind that although sunscreen can be very effective protecting your skin, many brands do not remain effective for 8 hours.

Geyser Falls is proud to supply fun for the entire family, and with a lot of little ones around, it is important to bring a coast-guard approved flotation device. Approved lifejackets and other devices ensure that their heads remain above the water, unlike inflatables or pool noodles. Check with Geyser Falls to find out which devices are approved for pool usage.

Have a Family Plan for the Day

Bring your family back together at predetermined times so everyone can take an occasional break from the water. Use a provided map to coordinate a meeting place, which can also serve as a point for family members to gather in case one gets lost. Swimming is a fun, and energy consuming form of recreation so make sure to refuel every so often, eating light meals to prevent fatigue. Days in the Mississippi Sun get very hot, so drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent overheating or dehydration.

Lifeguards are at pools to observe everyone and prevent accidents, so make sure to keep an eye on all your family members during your visit even if lifeguards are present. For the younger members of the family, stay in the shallower, calmer pool areas or enjoy the many fountains and splash zones meant for a younger age group.

Listen to your body during your day of fun at the waterpark. Make sure you don’t become too cold, too hot, too thirsty, and many other attributes that could characterize dehydration, heatstroke, and more. Follow the waterparks rules, and always make sure to walk to prevent potential injury. Premeditate your visit by taking swim lessons or consider making sure you and your family are comfortable in the water and are able to swim to safety if needed.

Enjoy your day

Waterparks are a great source of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Stay safe, and the park can provide days of enjoyment for everyone.