Student Jobs

Geyser Falls Provides Work for Local Students

Exciting water slides, relaxing cabanas and swimming pools to cool off make Geyser Falls a great place to have fun all summer long. It also happens to be a fun place to work. The local waterpark employs around 400 people during the peak season of summer, according to Shelia Martin, the Executive Director of Resort Operations. Around 60 percent of those workers will be high school students.

It can be difficult for high school students to find jobs, especially ones they enjoy. Geyser Falls offers a unique opportunity for students to get hired, earn money, and learn about business. And it’s all done in the fun environment of a waterpark.

Jobs for Students

The students get hired to work in many areas of Geyser Falls. They may start out working in food and beverage or in the retail shops. If they get certified in CPR and pass the training, they can become lifeguards. Others may work in customer service, helping visitors to the park as well as those who call in with questions.

When asked what they like about the job, many will say it’s the friends they make and the way managers work to create a fun working environment. Others like the fact that they can come back year after year and not have to worry about finding a new job.

Geyser Falls hires teens who are new to the work force with no job experience. The park also promotes people to new positions, which not only gives them more experience but allows them to try different types of jobs and find out what they like.

A Learning Experience

The jobs aren’t all a walk in the park. Sometimes the teens work with difficult customers. They learn how to stay calm, work through challenges, and provide excellent customer service. Others will develop skills in money management or administration. These are all skills they can include in their resumes for future careers.

Not everyone who works for Geyser Falls during their high school years leaves. Some hire on for full-time positions. They become managers and begin to develop their careers. Even for those who move on after they graduate, they say that they have learned a lot about business and working which will benefit them in any career they choose.

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is located in Choctaw, MS on 23 acres. The park has 12 waterslides along with a lazy river and wavepool. For those who prefer to relax by or in the water is an eight-acre area of sandy beaches and palm trees. The theme park includes cabanas that guests can rent as well as a birthday hut. Also included on the grounds is a retail shop and a food court, along with a snack bar and ice cream parlor. Visitors can enjoy live entertainment at the outdoor stage.

All of these features require a lot of hands-on work to keep everything running smoothly. Geyser Falls turns to local teens who enjoy the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at what makes a water park successful.