Benefits for Children

Many parents look at a trip to Geyser Falls near Jackson, MS, as a way to get children away from electronics and out enjoying the sunshine. What surprises many is that there are numerous benefits to getting children outside and playing in the water.

Increasing Balance and Strength

Even though splashing and jumping around in the pool looks like just a new type of fun, the process offers many new physical challenges. From learning to move through the increased resistance of the water to understanding buoyancy, kids are using muscles to brave this new world of water. And even in this new environment, there is a built-in safety feature. The water offers added support to prevent the falls and tumbles that would result in scrapes, bruises, and other injuries on dry land.

Increased Coordination

Swimming and moving in water help develop motor skills necessary for coordination. And in this new world where floating is both a benefit and a challenge, kids must use core muscles to maintain balance as they move through the water. And finally, this unexpected workout is perfectly balanced. Children must use both the right and left sides of their bodies to navigate the water, regardless of their dominant hand and side.

Communication and Social Skills Advancement

The new experience and environment in the water excite children, giving them an intense desire to share their unique skills and experiences. This opens the door for added communication with parents, siblings, and even new friends. And because children are learning new skills and activities, they are eager to share them with friends or groups. They will improve their social skills by sharing a pool toy, asking for help, and playing catch with new friends, family members, and other swimmers.

Learning is Fun

Water adds a whole new twist to the world that children know. A balloon that is weightless and floats away is impossible to force under the water. Even something as simple as taking a step offers new challenges when you need to consider the motion of the water. These new wrinkles make the most basic and straightforward tasks new and challenging for children to experience and master.

If your child likes animals, a trip into the water opens up a whole new world of animals. Your child can experience the feel of being underwater like a seal or a dolphin. And these experiences will fuel your child’s desire to learn more about the underwater environment. A day a Geyser Falls is the ideal time to begin talking about water conservation, protecting our oceans, and how our daily lives can impact the creatures that live in our oceans, lakes, and streams. Children are never too young to begin thinking about how they can impact the environment positively and negatively.

Investing in a Geyser Falls season pass is a great way to introduce your children to the substance that covers over 70% of the earth and help them learn and grow in this fun environment.