Is Working at a Waterpark Right for You?

If the thought of spending time outdoors, being around people having fun, and enjoying the sights and sounds of a waterpark sound like the perfect job, you might be the ideal candidate for this kind of position. However, there is more to consider than what you see as a guest. Here are some things to think about when you think about applying at a waterpark.

Not All Jobs are Outdoors

Even though you may think of working outdoors at a waterpark, not all jobs are in the sunlight. If you work guest services, you might be inside most of the time. Your job would be helping with ticket sales and handling the front desk for guests who have questions. So, don’t assume that you will be out in the sunshine just because you applied to a waterpark.

Deal with Grumpy People

You may assume that you’ll be dealing with people who are happy and excited to be going to a fun waterpark. However, you don’t want to forget about anxious parents with rambunctious kids who are frustrated at long lines and delays. At the end of the day, you have tired families with grumpy kids who just want to go home. All the time, you’ll need to be nice with a smile on your face as you deal with a range of personalities.

Knowledge is Everything

As a waterpark worker, it’s your job to know the answer to any question guests ask or be able to find the answer. To say “I don’t know” isn’t acceptable, and it’s important that you help create a positive customer experience. For newer employees, this may mean finding someone who knows the answer as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to learn those answers for the future. And expect to be asked the same questions multiple times in the same day. You must answer them with the same positive attitude even if it’s the 15th time doing so.

No Two Days are the Same

Even if you’re doing basically the same job every day, expect it to be different. There are special theme days or other discount days that will not only bring in extra visitors, they may be different from your usual guests. At the same time, you’ll begin to recognize familiar faces of those who come every weekend or even multiple times during the week. This is one aspect of working at a waterpark that is fun and rewarding as you get to know some of your favorite guests.

Working at a waterpark is a lot different than visiting one. It can be challenging, frustrating and tiring. But it can also be rewarding, exciting and fun. Just make sure you can see both sides to the job and enjoy the variety before you fill out that application.