Because Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is a family park, we expect guests to behave appropriately. Failure to comply with these policies may subject the offender(s), at the discretion of park management, to removal from the park premises without refund, and/or criminal prosecution. For more information, please review the park policies below.

Line jumping, profanity, illicit behavior, and unruly behavior are offensive to park guests and may be cause for ejection without refund. Guests are not permitted to save places in line, bypass others in line, or exit the line and return to the same place for any reason. Guests exiting a line must go to the back of the line if they choose to return. There is no running, diving, or horseplay allowed at any time.
Children should not be left unattended. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible chaperone 16 years of age or older at all times. Our lifeguards are here to help, but cannot take the place of a parent or chaperone in either supervising or safeguarding your child. This is primarily the parent/chaperone responsibility. Follow the lifeguard’s instructions and observe all posted rules and regulations. All children under the height of 48 inches are required to wear a life jacket at ALL times while in the Wave Pool. Swim diapers are required for all children of diaper age.
In keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere, and for health and safety reasons, Geyser Falls Water Theme Park strictly enforces a dress code. Proper swimwear is required. Swimwear with rivets, zippers, buttons, snaps, or any other metal ornamentation is not permitted on water attractions. No denim cutoffs or shorts are allowed on any water attractions. Shoes, aqua socks, and shirts are not allowed on some attractions. Please refer to each slide for requirements. Clothing with rude, vulgar or offensive language or graphics is not permitted, and shirts cannot be turned inside-out as a solution. No thong swimwear or visible undergarments are allowed. All attire must be properly fitted. Guests may be ejected from the park without refund if clothing is deemed by management to be inappropriate.
Guests using profanity or abusive language, symbols, phrases, references, or gestures may be ejected from the park without refund.
Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is limited to an area in front of the stage at Clearwater Key.
Pets are not allowed, with the exception of working service animals.
The following items are not permitted at any time:

  • Food/coolers (except special diet and infant food and birthday cakes)
  • Beverage (except special diet and infant formula)
  • Alcohol
  • Boom Boxes
  • Magic markers, spray paint
  • Aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles
  • Knives
  • Spiked clothing/jewelry
  • Fireworks/explosives
  • Firearms/ammunition
  • Chemical weapons, mace/pepper spray
  • Illegal drugs

Geyser Falls Water Theme Park reserves the right to search any bags brought onto the premises.


Alcoholic beverages are ONLY sold at the Beach Club Restaurant.

To leave the park and re-enter on the same day, please get a wristband at the front gate and re-enter at the re-entry gate. This includes Season Pass holders. Season Passes may only be scanned once per day.
Cameras and video equipment are not allowed on attractions. Geyser Falls Water Theme Park requests that all photographs or videos taken by guests be used for their personal use and enjoyment only. Any use, reuse, or reproduction for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is prohibited. Please respect other guests privacy when taking photos or shooting video while in the park, and do not include anyone but your own group/family in photos or videos. For everyone’s safety, absolutely no cameras or cell phones are allowed on any of the rides (not even when secured in a pocket or fanny pack). Drones and other Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are not permitted in, over, or around Geyser Falls Water Theme Park.
By entering the park, each guest grants Geyser Falls Water Theme park the right to film, videotape, or photograph him/her on park property for any reason without payment or consideration. Guests must have written permission to use photographs and/or videotape of Geyser Falls Water Theme Park images for commercial broadcasting, advertising, marketing, or publishing in any medium.
Geyser Falls Water Theme Park does NOT issue rain check tickets or refunds.
There is an inherent risk in participating in any attraction. We expect riders to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner. Pregnant women and those with heart, back, neck, or other medical conditions should not ride the attractions. Observe the rides and determine if you should participate.  Lifejackets are available free of charge located on stands throughout the park for all weak or non-swimmers. Guests must also obey all oral and written warnings. Anyone who has experienced a stomach and/or intestinal illness within the past two weeks should not participate in any of the water attractions. Guests who do not comply with ride rules may be ejected from the park without refund. Please refer to specific guidelines posted at the entrance of each individual attraction.
Safety is our number-one priority. Guests with certain body proportions, heights, or weights may not be able to enjoy certain rides. No casts allowed on the attractions. Forming chains on any water attraction are prohibited. All participants must comply with all height, weight, and health restrictions posted at the entrance to each attraction. Specific ride requirements are posted at the entrance on the individual attractions.
Geyser Falls Water Theme Park experiences lightning and/or severe weather throughout the season. Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is not responsible for any injuries or damage caused by weather.  Please be advised that we do not have any indoor shelter and the outdoor shade structures offer no protection during lightning or a severe storm.  Please take this under consideration when planning your day and observing the weather.  Lightning and severe weather can cause serious injury and/or death. Water attractions will close temporarily during electrical storms, heavy rains, high winds and other severe weather conditions. Attractions will reopen after there has been no lightning activity or severe weather conditions for a period of at least 20 minutes.  We advise you to stay away from the water attractions, structure poles, high structures, and trees in the event of severe weather.  We will be happy to update you on the weather as reported by the National Weather Service, but please be proactive in developing your severe weather plan of action and when in doubt we urge you to head for home or to the closest indoor shelter.  The casinos, located 1.5 miles East on Highway 16 are the closest indoor shelter that can handle large amounts of people.  Geyser Falls does NOT offer refunds or rain check tickets.
Line jumping is strictly prohibited. Guests are not permitted to save places in line or exit the line and return for any reason. Violators will be ejected without a refund.
All guards are certified by NASCO, a waterpark lifeguard training and certification organization. All guards are regularly audited, and have weekly training requirements during their park tenure. Safety is our #1 concern, so we ask that you do not distract the lifeguards. Please address any questions or concerns to the nearest park associate. Lifeguards are not allowed to address guest concerns or comments while on stand.