Waterpark Slides – Why Waterslides are Safe

Nothing feels much better on a hot day than sliding down a waterslide and being immersed in a pool of cool water. Adults and kids alike can enjoy all the local waterparks have to offer all summer long. It’s important to be safe anytime you’re around water, but you can have peace of mind when you realize just how secure these slides are.

The Power of Gravity and Other Natural Forces

Waterslides are a lot more intricate and exciting than they used to be. At waterparks, you can expect to see slides that imitate the look and feel of a roller coaster, which is basically what they are – except a wet version. Gravity is what propels you along on these slides. You start at the top, sitting still. As you propel your body forward, gravity takes over and increases your speed.

The water on the slide acts as a lubricant to keep you from getting stuck or slowing down. Friction between your body and the slide help you stay in place. One of the reasons water slides are safe is because they use natural forces to move people along. There are no engines or other mechanics propelling the sliders forward that can go wrong.

The Design of the Slides

The turns are one of the most thrilling aspects of water slides. As you slide into the turn, it’s the design of the slide that keeps you safe. The walls are built up to keep you from propelling over the side.

Water also plays a part in the design of the rides. Deeper water propels heavier riders along to keep them moving smoothly. Lighter riders get swept up in the water and go about the same speed as the water until they reach the bottom.

Technology has made waterslides safer. Slides often come with timers that let you know when to allow the next rider on. This ensures that the person before them reaches the bottom and has time to get out of the way before the next person comes out.

Software programs allow designers to get a virtual image of what will happen to riders of various sizes when they’re creating a new ride. They can change the angle of a turn or the width of a loop and see what will happen. With sharp turns, they may enclose the riders in a tube to ensure they don’t go over the edge.

A pump is used to take water from the pool to the top of the slide, so it can move the rider down the slide. It is a continuous cycle with water being pumped to the top and running down. The water is also pumped through a filter system to keep it clean.

One of the reasons that waterslides are safe and fun is because they are simple. They use a basic design that follows the law of physics to create an exciting journey that people want to take over and over all summer long. Now that you understand more about how waterslides work, you’ll want to come out and try some of the fun attractions at Geyser Falls. With 14 attractions on 23 acres, the entire family can spend the day playing in water.