Geyser Falls Water Park takes the best available rides and puts you in the center of all of the action. Theres a ride of nearly every type found at our waterpark, which allows for fun of nearly all ages. From relaxing beaches to epic waterslides, we have something for everyone. Geyser Falls has helped thousands of families beat the heat year after year, and in the hottest point of Mississippi summers you can count on us to help you stay cool and relaxed. Everyone is invited to take the time to learn about our amazing park with many different choices on attractions to meet your exact preference.

Splash Zones

Splash Zones are popular attractions made generally for smaller children, as the shallow depth is generally a safe place to play. Many splash zones feature water features such as waterspouts, fountains, jets, and other water structures.

At Geyser Falls, we feature Lil’ Squirts Hollow that is specifically tailored to our visitors under 48 inches tall.. The area also features mini slides, frog rock, and many other structures. We also feature the Creaky-Leaky Water factory, which houses 100 different interactive features that keep you soaked as you venture through, perfect for an entire family looking to stay in the water.

Zero-Depth Entry Pools

Zero depth entry pools are pool-like structures with a slowly sloping entrance that start at ground level. These make for excellent wading areas for young children with proper supervision, as you can easily monitor the depth of the water. Our park features Clearwater Key, where the zero-depth entry pool is disguised as a white sandy beach complete with lounge chairs, palm trees, rentable cabanas, and massive beach umbrellas.

Lazy River

Lazy river’s are one of the most popular water park features when looking for rest and relaxation. Often, water rafts or innertubes are provided and you simply float the day away with calm currents on looping, continuous rivers. Geyser Falls helps you take the day slower with 1200 feet of easy-going river floats on the infamous Roundabout River, where you can rest easy in the sun and then cool off at a nearby waterfall next to this lazy river.

Wave Pools

Wave pools turn up the excitement without getting too intense. These large, often shallow bodies of water are made to generate small waves and breakers so you can simulate riding or surfing waves. Often this is performed with park-provided tubes or even simply just bodysurfing. Geyser Falls has Thunder Lake, a massive wave pool that generates waves anywhere from 2-4 feet high.


Waterslides are generally the largest and most popular attractions of waterparks. There are many types of waterslides that include speed and racing slides, tube slides, freefall slides and more. These fast-paced rides often begin at a great height, and riders start at the top and approach high speeds as they jet down the waterslide.