Many people see vacations as something only for the rich. Even if they can afford the vacation, they feel guilty once they start tallying up the prices of hotels, things to do, plane tickets, and also all of the small things that add up like fuel and food. Other people do not realize how much they spend while actually on vacation, and these people sometimes go home after an amazing week to find out they spent far more money than they realized at the time. Learning how to plan ahead the right way can help open a door to a more relaxing, financially sound future.

Saving Money While Planning Your Vacation

Saving money before you ever leave the house is a crucial step in ensuring that you have a guilt-free vacation that is just as fun.

Travel During the Off-Season

When planning a trip, you will notice flights and hotels are cheaper during the off-season. Cheaper tickets along with far fewer people make for a cheaper, more peaceful vacation. This may not work for the beach, but consider this strategy for many other destinations.

Consider a Service like Airbnb or VRBO Over a Hotel

Using Airbnb or VRBO opens up many doors for saving money. Most hotels have a coffee machine and microwave at best. The ability to stay in apartments or houses for the same price as a hotel doesn’t save money on the front end, but it opens up doors for you to save money by cooking meals cheaper than eating out.

Booking Everything in Advance

By booking your plane tickets and other accommodation way in advance you open up the opportunity to save money and find better locations for your money. By booking in advance, you are more likely to find a place to stay in a more central location. While it may cost more upfront, you can save money by not having to pay as much to travel all the way to the other side of town.

Saving Money During Your Vacation

Saving money doesn’t stop when you head to the airport or get in your vehicle to start your journey to your vacation destination.

Purchasing Souvenirs at Local Thrift Shops

Places like Goodwill or Salvation army could be hidden goldmines for gifts and souvenirs. If you’re staying somewhere with locally owned thrift stores, you are even more likely to find cool, local things that tell more story than a shot glass or magnet that says “Welcome to Biloxi” on it.

Browse Through Airbnb or Groupon for Deals on Local Attractions

Airbnb Experiences is an amazing tool for finding deals on concerts, restaurants, local shows, various classes, and other attractions. It may take an extra minute or two to find a useable coupon, but it is more than worth the money saved.

Purchase and Bring What You Can Beforehand

Purchasing things like sunscreen, hats, floaties, and other necessities before your trip prevent you from overpaying for those things at your destination. Many times, those kinds of things are priced higher in areas that are known for tourism.